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I'm not sure if anyone will even read this but hi I'm Becca someone who loves to meet new people. My hobbies consist of; watching videos about interior design, reading faith based books and blogs,listening to music,singing, learning about photography,taking pictures and learning to play the piano all at the age of 35, yep its a lot lol.

I have a lot more interests one of which I'm enjoying though it is challenging and thats being on a Journalism course, I finished the first assignment (whew, slumps shoulders and takes a deep breath lol). Its challenging but I'm determined to do well as I want to write for the lord and shine a light on important issues. If anyone reads this, if you could pray I do well in my endevours for christ? I'd really apprecaite it :)

Feel free to say hi if you want and if no one reads this, I guess its good writing practice for my future blog/writers portfolio. A christian social media that was popular and had christians meet from all over the world would be amazing, I'm determined to find something like that I'm sure theres something like that on this great wide web ;)

Love and light,

Becca xo


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